Let me drive my van into your heart: Uni episode VI

Death January, we called it. Four deadlines and not going back home for a month and after a 2 week holiday that put me behind the rest, I felt like it could never be accomplished. Four projects later and I’m out the other side, ready to go down into the next rabbit hole.

In my last post, I had just completed my Sound project, handing it in with a good couple of hours to spare, then came the essay. A breezy 2,500 words about a well-learned subject from a good teacher and I handed that in a day before hand-in.

Number 3 was a pitch for our FMP drama, which after much hammering out the details went, well, it could have gone better. We just need to make a better ending and change some bits of the story, but the feedback was all earnest and understandable so it was worth it.

Then there was’ Miami’, the editing project on AVID, which after causing me great frustration became completely bearable as I began to enjoy the edit and slowly learned how to use the program. I spent the weekend, of which I stayed in Southampton, going into Uni to catch up on the edit. I showed my teacher the edit at different stages and received great feedback which allowed me to change some things. With an easy amount of paperwork and my edit proving to be of no stress at all, I came close to handing it in on time.

The deadline had been put back a week, which did help, but with that extra time, I was able to get the documentary to near completion. Then on the day that I planned to hand it in, the day before hand in, the network went down and I couldn’t work. The deadline got pushed to Monday and on the Friday morning, as I prepared yet again to hand in, my export failed and with no time left to try again, I realized I would have to finish it all in a few days time.

Still, it gives me a chance to let my tutor see it one last time.

As I sit here, at the end of this month, back home with my family for the first time since New Year, I feel relaxed and calm.

What’s next? We started a new unit ‘Working in the creative industries’, to do with working on interview techniques and getting jobs in the industry which you need experience to pass, yet I don’t want to do any of the experience on offer, such as filming things with people.

There’s the FMP, which we are currently working on a new script for and the next project from Post-Production, another AVID but this time, it’s a Fiction production. I look forward to it.

Elsewhere these past weeks, I did very little. I played games, watched shows (A joyous amount of Steven Universe) and enjoyed spending time with my Fiance and my good friend and housemate. I want to get back to a routine now, though. I’ve missed watching Films at the cinema, and that will be my first port of call this weekend.



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