Poetry and Spoken Word

In early 2016 I joined a Young Writers group that met up once a week to write various forms of written word from poetry to fiction. We were building up to our first book, the ‘Anonthology’, an anthology of the work we’d produced. In 2017 we produced a second book.

After that, I continued to write poetry and spoken word and I regularly attended a monthly Spoken Word evening at Waterstones. Down below is a selection of the work I have written over the past few years.

Anonthology Vol 1

The Isle of Wight

For the place I call home

Wartime Love Letter

Written for the one I love from The Front


What do us humans fears?

Anonthology Vol 2

Love Grows a Forest

A piece about the infinite of Love

You Little Shit

For when someone really gets on your nerves

The Boy Who Head-Butted the Sun

A piece about ambition



It’s meta. It’s noir. It’s metanoir.


Be who you want to be

Don’t Crack on Me

It’s about an egg

You’re Still a Little Shit

People don’t change