Fear the Walking Dead – S2E4 – Blood in the Streets review

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Hooray for a modicum of representation. A small reveal, that the mysterious Strand is gay, happens without any drama or build up. No declarations or tying it unnecessarily into the plot. Nope, it’s just there. In flashback, we learn about Strand. How he stole a guys (Thomas Abigail) money after Hurricane Katrina, made an excellent return on it and ended up going into business with the same guy. In the final flashback, the two men kiss without any signalling or showy arrogance saying, hey look at us being diverse. Continue reading


Fear the Walking Dead – S2E3 – Ouroborus review

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Genuinely the most exciting episode so far. We met (re-met if you’ve seen the webisodes) the survivors of Flight 462, one of whom is badly burnt leaving only Alex left to care for him. They meet the main characters on a Lost-style beach, complete with fuselage and luggage.

Chris mercy kills a man with a broken back and Nick survives a zombie pit and discovers that the dead don’t go after you when you’re covered in guts. Back on the boat, Madison and Travis unglog a blocked pipe and everyone finds out about Strands jaunt to Mexico.

Things end on a mildly shocking moment too as Strand cuts the line that pulls Alex and Jake in a raft behind the yacht. Ooh things are gonna get tense.

Even before the beach showdown I thought it was a slightly better episode than usual. I wasn’t as bored as I thought I would be and I think it’s down to the young characters being on their own and exploring a bit. Yeah, solid. Best of the season so far.

Rating: B+

Better Call Saul – S2E7 – Inflatable review

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Jimmy and Kim debate over going into business. Kim wants to be honourable, Jimmy wants to do it in his special Jimmy way. He gets himself fired from his job and ends up back in that small office behind the nail salon, except he has his desk and doesn’t put on a fake receptionist voice.

Mike amends his statement about Tuco and finds a house for his daughter in law and granddaughter. For each character, things are leading to something big. Even though we know who definitely won’t die, it doesn’t make the intricate writing any less engaging, this is one of the most engaging shows on TV.

Rating: B+