Favourite Movie/TV music moment #6 – The Office S1E4

Without the UK The Office we wouldn’t have the The US Office, nor maybe even Parks and Rec. Thus, it’s down to this British Comedy classic that we owe a lot. In this classic of all classic episodes, The worst/best boss on TV hijacks a Training day with just a guitar. In this scene, he plays a selection of his own songs, culminating in Freelove Freeway, a song that is actually quite enjoyable.

As Tim and Gareth join in, the pace picks up, and you just start going along with it. In the context of the episode, it works, out of context, it’s still very funny. Gareth joining in with “She’s Dead”, and Brent instantly replying with “She’s not dead” is the highlight. The moment that marks the true genius of Gervais and Merchant.



Favourite Soundtracks #10 – An American Werewolf in London

Both the orchestral soundtrack and the collection of moon based songs are really great, the song choices are fun and engaging and add to the black comedy horror mood. The score is eerie and classical and creates an interesting mood, enigmatically capturing the mystical occultly themes of the movie.


Favourite Soundtracks #9 – Paper Towns

A fantastic film that really hit me in the feels a few weeks back. It has such a great soundtrack that really grows on you, mixing indie hits that capture adolescent angst, and are often very recognisable or moving. My particular favourite is ‘Be Mine’, the song used in my favourite scene of the film, its really wonderful.

Paper Towns (2015)

Paper Towns (2015)

Favourite Movie/TV music moment #5 – The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

My absolute favourite Wes Anderson film by far, The Life Aquatic is a modern classic that weaves imagination, humour and heart into an extremely entertaining package, displaying that when he gets it right, Anderson can be a force to reckon with. This conclusion to the film, which sees Zissou and his crew venture to the bottom of the sea to find the shark that killed his best friend. As they sit there in the dark, the beautiful Staralfur begins to play as the shark emerges glowing, not a monster, just an animal.

After having recently suffered another tragedy, Steve chooses to not get revenge after all, as he breaks down in tears. It’s a beautiful, poignant moment that ends the film in a wonderful fashion. “I wonder if it remembers me” he says, as the shark swims overhead. The films meanings and metaphors are none more clear, and a perfect conclusion to a fantastic film.

The Life Aquatic

The Life Aquatic

Favourite Movie/TV music moment #4 – Legend of Korra finale (SPOILERS)

Not a great clip but if you’ve seen it, you get it

The final scene in the final episode is one of the shows most utterly beautiful scenes, and the music makes it. It’s phenomenally moving, the emotional resonance is shiver inducing as Korra and Asami venture off into the spirit world hand in hand, confirming the ships of thousands of fans. Courageous and progressive for an animated ‘Childrens’ show, this is a scene that never, ever fails to make me cry. It’s beautiful, powerful and legendary.

Legend of Korra

Legend of Korra

Favourite Soundtracks #7 – Whiplash

An absolutely infectious jazzy soundtrack from my second favourite film of the year. Sometimes relaxing, sometimes intense, but brilliant, and a strong contender for soundtrack of the year.

I put the spotify link first to see if it would work better to play music, even though you have to download the app, I decided to put both in.