The Next Doctor?

Screenshot 2015-12-10 at 22.34.22

So the rumours are flying that when Moffat leaves in 2017, Capaldi will also choose to leave, giving new showrunner Chris Chibnall the chance to start afresh with a new Doctor, much like Moffat did back in 2010 with Matt Smith.

So here’s where we begin to speculate on the new Doctor and isn’t it about time that we went for someone more diverse. I know people who would rally against it, but a female Doctor would make a fantastically exciting change, especially now that Missy has completely opened up the possibility of a female Doctor.

There will be people against it, but I couldn’t care less, the show seriously needs to diversify itself up, a female showrunner would have been the right choice, but Chibnalls writing speaks for itself, so we can hold off for now.

Yet, I believe that The Doctor can’t be another white man, not again. A woman would refresh the character, revitalising the show and everything it stands for, after all, it became awfully stale recently.

The Doctor should also be a person of colour, which no-one sensible should have a problem with. For me, Chiwetel Ejiofor would be a perfect Doctor and would finally bring the show into the 21st century.

Look at The Force Awakens, two lead characters, one a woman, one black, both inspiring young children everywhere, isn’t this where Doctor Who should be heading.

In the end, I think that by choosing a more diverse incarnation of our favourite Timelord, the show can hopefully earn its place amongst great modern TV and isn’t that what we, the audience, deserve.


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