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My Short Film: The Gloaming

Hi everyone, we’re currently in the process of making our Final Major Project, a short Horror Film, for Uni and we’ve started a Kickstarter in order to get funding. Please take a look at our page and if you want, donate what you can or just share the page to your Facebook, Twitter etc and help get this Film made. Please and Thank You 🙂

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Filming Character Documentary with magician Luke Lamont

For this project I was soundman

Creative Sparks

On Saturday 25th October 2014, I along with Sergio, Ben and Lia set off to film an interview with the Isle of Wight based magician Luke Lamont; at the Wight Rock bar in Ryde.

After a few small hiccups with times and dates having to be re-arranged we eventually got the relevant permissions to film at the bar at 12.00. The original idea was to film slightly later and film some of Luke’s performance later on in a cabaret show in the evening. Unfortunately the cabaret show fell through and a party then booked the bar for three o’clock. This gave us a dilemma, but we decided to go ahead at an earlier time and try to get everything we needed before the party came in. With only around two and a half hours to capture the interview and some cutaways of Luke performing some of his magic, we were put under…

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Sherlock Holmes and The Empty Hearse

I love Sherlock. It’s a fantastic show. It knows how to please its audience, three 90 minute episodes a series spaced out over, on average, 2 year gaps. Now after waiting 2 years it’s finally time for its 3rd series, and the reveal of how the great Sherlock Holmes faked his death at the end of the previous series.

I love Tumblr. It’s full of people who think and act just like me, who sit on a computer talking about things they love with others. You can share your passions and experiences with people of the same generation and feel comfortable because it’s an online community that offers genuine love and support to anyone. On the surface level it’s about fandoms and people sharing their love of Film and Television, or Games, or Books, anything really. Depending on the type of blog you follow, mine are mostly fandom related, you will likely see a lot of related content to popular TV shows. As well as Doctor Who and Supernatural Sherlock has the single biggest and most rabid fanbase. Essentially a lot of people being excited about something they truly love.

Unlike any other show Sherlock has given it’s fans the longest wait between series especially with a huge cliffhanger to resolve. So naturally the return of the great detective was going to be a big thing, for the fans I see every day on Tumblr and for adults among others who watch it at home and don’t see the amount of love I see for the show. Thus the first third of the third series of Sherlock had a massive amount to live up to, and even though the answer to ‘How did he fake his death?’ is still possibly shrouded in mystery, in the end the fans just wanted an episode to entertain them, to thrill them, to make them laugh and cry. I think it succeeded.

But i’m here to talk about one scene in particular. A scene that had to do only one thing…awe us. It didn’t disappoint. In fact the first 4 minutes of ‘The Empty Hearse’ was heart pumpingly, pulse poundingly, goosebump inducingly fantastic that I think actual cardiac arrest was the only possible thing that could have tore my eyes away from the telly at that moment.

Basically it’s exactly what I wanted to see.

After 2 years of speculation, of ardent fans on Tumblr giving extremely brilliant and detailed theories on how he faked his death, nothing real, nothing cannon could ever live up to it. Yet Mark Gatiss (The episodes writer) and Stephen Moffat (Executive producer) gave us no definite answer, not yet. Instead we got three, 2 are over the top and hilarious scenarios dreampt up by characters who wanted to believe something fanciful, the other, Sherlocks own telling of the daring escape, but which is left in considerable question by other characters.

Sherlocks own telling is a more obvious explanation and ultimately a let down because of it’s brazen “Is that it?”ness, whilst the second is a fan fiction of real proportions, a fictional Sherlock fan dreaming it up almost in a daydream, Mark Gatiss giving one of many winks and nods to the fans who are the shows true supporters. Yet it’s the first explanation that opens the episode and the one that is most important.

The Empty Hearse begins with the shows usual style and flare, quick editing, smooth swift camera work and a foreboding thump of a soundtrack in the background. The episode starts just where we want it to, back on the rooftop of St. Barts as Sherlock calls John Watson. The scene is set, the players are in position, Moriartys body lies dead on the roof next to Sherlock and the audience know where this is heading. Then comes the extra layer.

The first beats of a new pumping soundtrack break into the scene like a bulldozer, Moriartys body is carried away by unseen faces as Sherlock attaches a bungee rope to the back of his coat. The mysterious men attach a prosthetic duplicate of Sherlocks face to Moriartys as Sherlock throws his phone down and John rushes forward. For the first time in two years the answers we have been after are being given to us in a scene so incredibly exciting, The music is thrilling and the editing shows us what we need to see and what we want to see. Every shot is a taker of breath, each beat pushes the audience to the edge of it’s seat.

The way that this is presented to us, with hard strength and confidence is dynamic and opens a new series with open mouthed excitement. Derren Brown turns up to hypnotise John, it’s a daft ploy and reality begins to mix with fiction, but at that moment disbelief is suspended as everything pulls together as John gets to the body. As Sherlock walks away down a corridor from the scene we cut to Lestrade and Anderson, revealing this was the latters theory the whole time. An audacious opening, an incredible scene.

Part 2 Influences

I am a huge fan of Steven Spielberg, he is most probably my favourite director and for years he has inspired me with the warmth I feel from his films. Jurassic park is my no.1 film of all time and I love many of his works, Duel, Jaws, Indiana Jones, ET, AI, The Terminal, Saving Private Ryan, War of the worlds, Catch me if you can, Jurassic Park 2, Hook etc.

Joss Whedon is a wonderful writer and Director. His work in creating some of my most adored shows and films has inspired me to create things that I love. Buffy the vampire slayer which is my favourite TV show has numerous groundbreaking episodes, 3 in particular come instantly to mind.

Hush – Season 4 Episode 10. Set during Buffys college years, Hush is notable for lacking dialogue for most of its runtime as a group of terrifying demons called The Gentlemen arrive in Sunnydale, taking the voices of the residents so when they come, floating inches above the ground, to take your heart, you cannot scream. The episode came about when Whedon, told constantly that the dialogue is the best thing about his show, decided to subvert this praise and make an episode dialogue free. It pays off massively as he uses fairytale folklore to make the demons some of the scariest in the shows history. Not only is the episode very scary but it also marvels in the use of silent comedy, misunderstandings are rife and it shows that Whedon is adept in many more areas than just witty dialogue.

The Body – Season 5 Episode 16. One of the single most painful episodes of television ever. In this episode Buffy arrives home to find her mother dead caused by complications from recent surgery on a brain tumor. After 5 years the show had balanced life, death and comedy to perfection, Buffy and her friends would fight the forces of darkness and evil and sometimes death was inevitable. Then came this episode, her mother wasn’t killed, murdered by some otherworldly demon but died of natural causes. The episode is a gut punch to the system whenever viewed and is one of the most honest portrayals of death ever seen on television. No music, not a whisper apart from the main titles. The episode is simple, Joyce, her mother, has died. Buffy finds her, The Body is taken to the morgue, each character reacts in a different way and the episode ends. Yet Joss Whedon crafts realism into 1 episode, and I could frankly give an essay on how ingenious it is. To get it you have to watch it, it’s stunning.

Once more with feeling – Season 6 Episode 7. When I start talking about Buffy I can’t stop. Just these 3 episodes would take me 10,000 words to talk about in enough detail, so I’m trying to be brief. Joss Whedon always wanted to make a musical, in this season he did. A demon named Sweet arrives, making everybody sing and dance. Simple. It’s not as basic though, if you dance too much it will literally make you burn up, then the songs you sing will release buried secrets. That’s why the episode is clever, it’s not just a gimmick, it ties into the plot of the season, characters revealing their innermost secrets reluctantly through song makes the episode a central part of the season and starts some great plot lines in the show. Plus Whedon wrote all of the songs himself, that’s good.

Part 1 A bit about me

I’d say that I have a varied taste in Films, TV and music. Eclectic is a word that I’d use to describe it, mainly because I heard that word in an episode of ‘Frasier’ and it makes me sound smart, so I use it often to describe my interests. And I do, my taste in Films range from the wholesome innocent works of Pixar to gritty and gory Zombie films, both I love, both I admire and both will capture my mood at certain times.

That’s exactly how film should be; it should pique your interest at certain times, people say to watch a happy film when you’re sad but I think it’s the opposite, when I’m happy I will watch something to bolster the happiness, similarly when I’m sad I will wallow in sad films. It ranges from emotion to emotion, I watch Pixar because they make me happy, they fill me with awe and take me back to a part of my childhood, they inspire me with a feeling.

I just went for a walk. I had to go to the shop to get something and I hadn’t been out all day so I got up and went. It’s December time and outside the cold winter night bites at your fingertips, the developing season blowing the dead leaves off the trees like the small fires on candles. Darkness creeps in shortly after four and the town is lit up by a bustling Christmas market, resplendent in Christmas decoration and the warm glow of cooking food stalls.

It’s this sort of thing that inspires me. In fact I was struggling writing these words and taking a walk made me realise that this is what I do. I can’t sit in a room and write and find it easy, but when I’m walking or just sitting travelling on a bus then I find myself inspired a lot. I have so many ideas, for films and TV shows that I keep them written on my phone, some are well developed, some are just titles, but they all came to me in a situation like that.

Now I’m gonna talk about my inspirations in particular to this blog and its contents.