Top 25 of 2017

For the third year in a row I’ve been keeping track of all the new films I’ve been watching and thus it’s time for another round up of my 25 favourite films of the year. It’s been a fantastic year with a lot of fanatic movies. Out of the 80 2017 UK releases i’ve seen, these are the ones that i’ve loved the most.

25. Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle

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By no means original nor perfect but J:WttJ is surprisingly fun and pretty funny with a great cast on fine form, Karen Gillan and Jack Black are particularly brilliant. It’s a romp and perfect Sunday afternoon fare.

24. Trainspotting 2

Dazzling and grim with a killer soundtrack. Never saw the first one until just before I caught this sequel and I gotta say I loved this more.

23. Seoul Station

This strange animated prequel to last years superb Train to Busan is an oddity, perhaps a little too grim compared to its predecessor. Yet some great set pieces and a palpable sense of dread make it a great zombie treat.

22. Battle of the Sexes

Great performances and style, this is less about tennis as it is about the central relationship between the two women and it shows.

21. Detroit

Spectacular performances from the pro and antagonists. It captures a slice of the culture of the time and isn’t just a grim real life tale.

20. Colossal

Weird but I like weird

19. Wonder Woman

That scene in No-Mans Land is one of the best scenes of the year and Gal Gadot is simply breathtaking as Diana

18. The Lego Batman Movie

Funny, sharp and impossible not to enjoy

17. Blade Runner 2049

Visually and musically dazzling with some wonderful set pieces and performances

16. Atomic Blonde

Sexy in every sense of the word. An explosion of the senses with incredible action scenes.

15. Gifted

A wonderful little underrated gem. Emotional and engaging.

14. Free Fire

Sharp, concise and fun as hell. Free Fire is a ride from start to finish.

13. The Death of Stalin

Laugh out loud funny and uncompromisingly dark. An excellent mix and a great film.

12. The Limehouse Golem

Old gothic grisly with excellent atmosphere and a great score.

11. Thor: Ragnarok

Very funny, very silly and a breath of fresh air.

10. Get Out

Brilliantly darkly humorous, superbly made with some great moments of cheer, shock and gore.

9. The Red Turtle

A stunning piece of work. Moving, sweet and sublime, this is a masterful story of life that captures a spark of deft imagination and beauty.

8. John Wick: Chapter 2

Stunning action and an extra focus on plot make this a well honed and incredibly enjoyable film

7. La La Land

Music, melancholy and gorgeous visuals. A wonderful old school musical with more than a hint of sadness.

6. Star Wars: The Last Jedi

Bold, beautiful and often jaw dropping. Sure it’s divisive but I’d rather it be a film that takes risks than is horribly safe.

5. Logan

Jackman and Stewart are on incredible form. The film is dark, brutal and heartbreaking but ultimately the film these characters deserved.

4. IT

Scary, funny but most importantly well made. Pennywise is a fantastic villain and all of the young performers are brilliant and endearing.

3. Baby Driver

Marries my love of action set pieces to music and is brilliant at it.

2. Paddington 2

Made me cry, made me laugh. As good as the first if maybe a tad less so yet it’s warm hearted joyousness is the perfect antidote to the world and an incredible experience.

1. The Big Sick

A true surprise. Funny, tender, heartbreaking and honest. I loved every single second.


Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part Five (5-1)

The final part of my favourite films of 2016 list

5. Rogue One


Whilst not as quite as personally revolutionary as The Force Awakens, Rogue One is still every bit a stunning cinematic experience as the franchise is used to. Great, diverse characters, beautiful visuals and the most jaw-dropping final ten minutes in any film of the past decade. Continue reading

Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part Four (10-6)

Continuing my top 25 films of 2016 list.

10. Star Trek: Beyond


I was not a big fan of Into Darkness and the trailers for this didn’t exactly excite me. Yet, with new writers and a new director, Beyond went back to its roots. Trading a cacophony of action for intelligence, well-drawn characters and fan-pleasing details. It didn’t mean the action scenes it did have weren’t spectacular as the destruction of the Enterprise and the Swarm were both emotional and joyous. Continue reading

Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part Three (15-11)

Continuing my top 25 films of 2016 list.

15. Fantastic Beasts


Johnny Depp aside, Fantastic Beasts was actually better than I expected it to be based on its mediocre reviews. I really enjoyed these new characters, the added darkness and the rich world building. The finale is thrilling and the performances are all hugely engaging. It mainly gets this high up the list because of the nostalgia factor and the New York local but it holds its own.

Highlight: Creedence Rampages Continue reading

Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part One (25-21)


For a brief period during the summer it seemed like 2016 at the cinema would be a write-off. A steady stream of disappointing to terrible blockbusters had left everyone feeling the sting of franchise fatigue and apart from a few high points here and there, it was a hopeless time to be a movie fan.

Months later, we were all proven wrong. Since then there have been countless great films, ranging from beautiful animations to smart sci-fi’s and there’s still countless other critical hits that I haven’t been able to see. Continue reading

Stream Queens: My top 10 shows of 2015

It’s been a truly fantastic year for TV, from New York City to Pawnee and back again, we’ve said goodbye to some of TV’s best ever shows, and hello to some new favourites. Netflix dominated when it came to original shows, and Amazon Prime wasn’t far behind, as shows like The Walking Dead and Game of Thrones carried on, with their fair share of controversy. Now, without further ado, it’s time to tell you my top 10 TV shows of the year. Enjoy. Continue reading