My wife’s little sister, she’s 4 and a while ago she turned to me and said “Ben, do you want to wear a dress.” I asked her “why” and she said “because you’d look pretty in a dress” and really, isn’t that the only attitude that we need in life. I’ll wear a dress, I’ll … More Pretty


The rain rained and the cobbles did what cobbles do when wet. Also the sky was more or less dark, which could be interpreted as nighttime if one was so inclined. Anyway, a woman was jogging along the gloomy street holding a damp newspaper above her head. If this were a movie you’d see a … More Metanoir


A horse fears the growling, splitting sky A mouse fears the feline predator stalking him through the long grass What does a human fear? The dark, the void? When an animal is scared it becomes its nature. No matter how evolved we think we are we still react the same. We shun the dark. Lock … More Fear

Wartime Love Letter

To my dearest, You are the reason I live, the reason I fight. I’ve been lonely, wounded both physically and mentally, yet I keep fighting because you instill in me a virtue I wouldn’t have otherwise. The thought of your tender touch on my cheek helps me sleep where no living thing could. The memory … More Wartime Love Letter