Creative Writing 4: Glass Town – Adaline


The sand was cool inside the wreckage, cool and smooth and almost silky. The sun had fallen below the horizon a couple of hours ago and despite planning to be awake, Leelah Chaplin was not. Above her, beyond the cold and rough metal of the downed vessel was a blanket of stars that went on to the edge of infinity before circling back around again. Continue reading


Delayed Writing

As it was my Birthday today (the 12th) I might not be releasing my Creative Writing on Sunday as I haven’t had time to write it. Hopefully, I’ll get it done, but just in case not, I thought I’d write why 🙂

Creative Writing 3: Glass Town – Plainvale


Presented in chronological order, to uncover the buried.

An extract from ‘The Climatology and Ecology of Plainvale 1st Edition’ by Elbert Kinlow 30 Years ago

Population: 4, 982, 526

Though Plainvale is regarded as the fourth largest state, Human dwellings have covered only 12% of its land, with a further 17% taken up by water. The ability to farm in the west of this region has lead to a largely agricultural society that has worked in tandem with developing world technologies to further improve its farming techniques. Continue reading

Creative Writing Plan

Please visit my latest post’Creative Writing 4: Glass Town – Adaline’ and tell me what you thought 🙂

My schedule for my forthcoming creative writing. The plan is to post the entire ‘Glass Town’ story in parts, around 5. Each part will contain 10 pieces of writing and will be spread out over the weeks and months, with a gap in between each new part. The first part, which has already started, will last for another 8 weeks before I take a break. Here is a rough look at this schedule.

Part 1 – February 21st – May 8th

  1. Tall Tales – February 21st
  2. Between the Dunes – February 28th
  3. Plainvale – March 6th
  4. Adaline – March 20th
  5. Chaplin – March 27th
  6. Convoy – April 3rd
  7. TBC
  8. TBC
  9. TBC
  10. TBC

Part 2 – ???? – ????

Part 3 – ???? – ????

Part 4 – ???? – ????

Part 5 – ???? – ????

Let me know what you think 🙂

Creative Writing 1 – Glass Town: Tall Tales


“Listen up you little rags. Your Mamas and your Papas won’t tell you this but I ain’t afraid of telling you the truth. You gotta find out from anyone, let it be Chovax”

Milton Chovax, brown leathery skin, and scruffy disposition, sat in his transport, his muscular arms resting on his bony knees. The young children, sat in front of him, with keen, clean faces, were entranced by his every word. He leaned in closer to his audience, his dusty beard, depositing its contents onto the floor. He opened his mouth, and, with noxious breath and biting drawl he spoke. Continue reading

Coming up…

I will soon begin putting up pieces of writing on my blog under the new category creative writing. I have an idea for a story and I’ll begin writing it soon, starting with a prologue followed by character focused chapters.

My first selection of creative writing will come from an idea I call ‘Glass Town’

I was thinking of maybe posting something every Sunday/Monday, if so, what would you like to see? Feedback is welcome 🙂

Creative Writing

I’ve always been interested in writing stories and so I thought why not add a new corner to my blog, where I can get my ideas out there.

It might not always be much, but I want to start putting stuff in a place all of its own.

I plan to start by building the world of one particular story, dropping chapters, characters or just pieces of information every once in a while, in a creative writing form. I plan to build it up to be it’s own big world and its own thing as a means of expressing my imagination.

I aim to begin soon and hope to keep it up. I hope you all like it 🙂