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Bio: I’m a recent graduate of  Southampton Solent, having left with a 2:1 in TV and Post Production. I want to be a writer for TV and Film and thus I love to be creative and create whole stories and worlds. I also love to review and talk about films.

I grew up on the Isle of Wight, as an only child, went to Primary School, Middle School, High School then College. After that, I decided to go Southampton Solent University where I studied for 3 years on a TV and Video Production course. I lived in Southampton during this time, the last two years with my girlfriend (now fiancee) Amy, and enjoyed living away from home, even though home was just a short boat ride away.

Now back on the Island, I have a job writing two posts a week for Yahoo Celebrity about TV and am on the lookout for a more permanent job so Amy and I can find a place to live, besides the homes of our family, and save up for our wedding, honeymoon and future traveling the world.

I know that I want to be a writer. I’ve developed many ideas into substantial stories, and a TV show that I’m working on is currently my most developed project yet, with pages and pages of notes. Though getting my ideas made is a longer term plan, over the past few months in 2015 I have loved starting this very blog and writing reviews and posts. If I were able to do that for a living, or maybe even be a travel blogger, then that would suit me very finely, but we’ll see what happens.





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