The rain rained and the cobbles did what cobbles do when wet. Also the sky was more or less dark, which could be interpreted as nighttime if one was so inclined. Anyway, a woman was jogging along the gloomy street holding a damp newspaper above her head. If this were a movie you’d see a … More Metanoir

Delayed Writing

As it was my Birthday today (the 12th) I might not be releasing my Creative Writing on Sunday as I haven’t had time to write it. Hopefully, I’ll get it done, but just in case not, I thought I’d write why 🙂

Creative Writing Plan

Please visit my latest post’Creative Writing 4: Glass Town – Adaline’ and tell me what you thought 🙂 My schedule for my forthcoming creative writing. The plan is to post the entire ‘Glass Town’ story in parts, around 5. Each part will contain 10 pieces of writing and will be spread out over the weeks … More Creative Writing Plan