I’ve been working as an independent blogger for Yahoo! Entertainment since the beginning of 2016


Pound for Pound was a short 8 minute documentary that I edited in 2015. It took many weeks to bring it all together and make a satisfying final product and we passed the unit it was made for.


In college we had to make animation, I tried to make my animation fit around a DVD menu as a quiz but didn’t have time to combine the two. During the project I got used to editing more and became more interested in what I could do with it. In the end I still kept the quiz idea, as evident here.


This is nothing special, but in 2011 I went for a short holiday to Blackpool in the UK and filmed a bunch of footage on my then phone. As I had no professional camera or editing equipment I ended up using the you tube editor to pull each individual video together. With one of the effects available on there I made this 60’s themed video in which Blackpool undergoes a transformation, I think the music and the color gives it a seedy, British Las Vegas type style and as one of the first ‘editing’ things I’ve ever done I think it worked out well, thus I’m quite proud of it.

I made this recently using iMovie on my phone and a collection of footage shot over the year. I added a beautiful piece of music from my favourite composer and created this, a tribute to my year. For what took me under a couple of hours I am super proud of it. For what it represents. Plus it gave me a chance to use my good footage.


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