Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part One (25-21)


For a brief period during the summer it seemed like 2016 at the cinema would be a write-off. A steady stream of disappointing to terrible blockbusters had left everyone feeling the sting of franchise fatigue and apart from a few high points here and there, it was a hopeless time to be a movie fan.

Months later, we were all proven wrong. Since then there have been countless great films, ranging from beautiful animations to smart sci-fi’s and there’s still countless other critical hits that I haven’t been able to see. Continue reading


I’m an introvert. Often I don’t like it and wish I wasn’t but I embrace it and any achievement in which I pass a social barrier fills me with pride.

I like to take some time to myself, quietly adjusting to a new reality. It’s not that I see anything wrong with parties or large social gatherings, I just either don’t get invited to “those sorts of parties” or find far more enjoyment in something quiet and considered with people I trust and can open up to. Continue reading

4. The Two Sides of Socializing

Arrival Review: Breathtaking and Beautiful


Not since Up broke our hearts back in 2009 has a film made me cry, no, weep so much within its first five minutes. And Arrival doesn’t stop there.

From it’s achingly beautiful opening to the mesmerising, chilling first half and on to the jaw-dropping, head-spinning finale. This is a film that does for the alien invasion genre what The Girl with All the Gifts did for zombies earlier in the year and singlehandedly proves that 2016 has not been the death knell of cinema as the summer season had made some fear. Continue reading

Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them Review: The New World


I feel very lucky to have grown up with Harry Potter. I was three when the first book came out and seven when I saw the first film at my local cinema. I have memories of first discovering the books (coming to them with Azkaban) and my dad reading them to me then eagerly awaiting every single film.

By the time the franchise had wrapped itself up with Deathly Hallows Part 2 in 2011 I had finished school and was approaching adulthood. It’s fair to say that I don’t remember not having Potter in my life. Continue reading

A Street Cat Named Bob: Hooked on a Feline


Based on the bestselling book of the same name. A Street Cat Named Bob is about James (Luke Treadaway) a homeless busker recovering from drug addiction who befriends a stray cat that gives his life motivation.

Like Trainspotting and a CBBC special had a baby. The wildly veering tone is to the film’s detriment, going from scenes of heroin overdose to cat based antics in a heartbeat. It’s a strange mix and it sometimes doesn’t work but you’d be churlish to admit that there’s not some good stuff here. Continue reading

Inferno Review: Laugh a Minute Comedy


Daft, ridiculous and occasionally so bad it’s funny, Inferno is the third part in the Ron Howard/Dan Brown collaboration that will not win any praise for its complex story but survives because it’s sort of dumb fun.

You watch it cause you want to watch Tom Hanks and Felicity Jones run about Italy and point at paintings. If that’s what excites you then this is your favourite movie ever.

It’s not boring and I liked learning about Dante and hell, which may make me crazy but I’m not gonna turn my nose up at Tom Hanks on holiday. I love Tom Hanks.

Rating: C+