Favourite Scenes 1

Buffy the Vampire Slayer – The Body S5E16 – Director/Writer: Joss Whedon

There’s nothing about this episode that hasn’t already been said and nothing that I could possibly say that would even begin to say how affecting it is. A perfect hour of television that captures the shock and agony of death in a way that you just don’t see on TV before or since. Raw and uncompromising this episode moved away from it’s supernatural leanings (mostly) and took a sharp, stark view at the reality of losing someone. Without incidental music or pre credits sequence and featuring incredible camera work that helps to show the emotions of the characters ‘The Body’ is my favourite episode of television, ever.

This single scene is notable for its inclusion of a single take taking Buffy through her house.

Frasier – First Date S5E20 – Director: Kelsey Grammer – Writer: Rob Hanning

Over the course of 7 seasons the romantic focus of the show was on Frasiers’ brother Niles’ and his secret love for Daphne. What started as a small crush blossomed over the series as Niles’ divorced his hideous (and unseen) wife and fell more in love with Daphne. Though it took till series 7 for the two to finally get together, it was the small scenes like this that underplayed the comedy and made this a love story all the more heartbreaking because of the long ups and downs, the possibilities and failures it took to get here and will continue to have.

Of course the whole thing was sold by David Hyde Pierces’ subtle performance and the intense loveability of Jane Leeves as Daphne. For my money it’s the greatest love story on television and remains to be because ‘Frasier’ is so close to my heart as my second favorite TV show.

The Channel 4 promo that had me hooked from the start. 6 seasons later it was finished and now in 2014 I’m re-watching it for the first time. One of my favourite ever shows and it would be difficult to pick a particular stand out scene so I’ve decided to go for this. to be honest it doesn’t particularly reflect the show, only in setting up something mysterious.

In a way it represents what a lot of people see the show as, having a lot of mystery but not much else. As a big fan I know that the show is so much more than what these people think. It has more heart in it’s little finger than most second rate sci-fi shows have these days and I will always champion what this show is and means to me.


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