My Top 25 Films of 2015 – Part 4 (10 – 6)


It’s been my first year of having a Cineworld unlimited card, meaning that I’ve been able to see more films than ever. It’s also the year in which I began this very blog, and began reviewing every film I’ve seen. Now, with 2016 about to arrive, it’s time to take a look back on this year of cinema. Continue reading


Simply the worst: My worst films of 2015

A list of my bottom 10 Films of 2015. The films that left me bored, annoyed, offended or just plain tired. Enjoy 🙂

10. The Bad Education Movie


The Inbetweeners movie had real pathos behind it’s gross out humour. The Bad Education Movie has Jack Whitehall Teabagging a swan… and that’s not even the worst part. Continue reading

Top 10 Soundtracks of 2015

I love Films and I love Music in Films. Thus, what makes a Film so good for me, can often be attributed to its score. 2015 was absolutely no exception to the sheer amount of excellent soundtracks we’ve had in the past 12 months. From quadruple releases from my favourite composer, Michael Giacchino, to the triumphant return of legendary composer John Williams, to his most famous of themes, it’s been another great year. Continue reading

Christmas Tradition: My Top 10 Christmas Films

Forget the presents, forget the tree…Christmas is all about sitting down, bathing in the light of the twinkling lights, and watching something Christmassy. From the best TV, to the greatest Films, there’s always something to watch, and with a derth of classic, and not so classic, choices to choose from, it’s the time of year when you want to watch something darn festive.

So, without further ado, here are my top 10 Christmas films, the ones that aren’t necessarily beloved by critics, but have a fond place in the heart of many a cheery fan, and me. Enjoy.

Continue reading

Things that go bump: My Top 25 Horror Films


There’s just something about the things that go bump in the night that interests us, as a race, we are predisposed to fear the shadows, yet year after year, we sit down as an audience and will what’s on the screen to scare us. Horror films, there’s something about them, good or bad, we embrace them. Whether they’re outright terrifying, atmospheric or gory, these films are a part of us, more like any other genre, they enthral us.

In this list I will say which Horror films have made my Top 25 Horror films of all time list, talking about whether they scared me, or freaked me out. Some will be more comedies, some will be gory, and lots will be Zombies, they will all be my personal favourites. They will be in no particular order as well. Enjoy! Continue reading