5. Life Is What Happens to You When You’re Busy Making Other Plans (or the Joy of Fitting In)

Photo of Me and my Amy

New from Wes Anderson

‘Tis a beautiful thing to fit in

to feel welcomed like the warm embrace of your bed

to feel your cheeks ache with uninterrupted smiles

work is work as it always will be

but the little joys of easy conversation help the time fly by’

My leg muscles ache as I sit here in Starbucks, writing a post for the first time in forever. I jogged today (or last week cause I’m only just finishing this post), also for the first time in a while, along the sun-drenched seafront of Ryde, Isle of Wight. Yes, it’s me, making a conscious effort to improve my health. Buying fruit and an armband for my phone and calling myself a jogger like some freak.

Ryde nice.png

That’ll last about a…erm, a day. I don’t know.

However, that’s not the point. I am indeed sitting here in Starbucks and my leg muscles do indeed ache, yet that’s not what I’m getting at. What I’m trying to say is that I feel like I rarely sit in Starbucks and write anymore, legs aching or not.

This is probably the second or so time I’ve done it in about two weeks and it feels so bloody good to just be chillin’…y’know? Whether you’ve noticed or not (I’m guessing it’s the latter) I haven’t written on here in a while. No posts, no reviews…nada. It’s been a pretty dry spell in blog town and it’s refreshing to be depositing some writing droplets into the parched imagination soil.

Like my metaphors, life has been full of itself. As in, there’s been lots of life happening where life should be. In fact, since my last post, life has been pretty much all I’ve been doing. I’d write an arbitrary list for you but I’ve got far too many reasons not to.

lovely photo

I’ve adulted in in all the ways one should at an alarmingly increased rate. In January we got a flat, a really nice one with the requisite walls and such. Then, just as I panicked about not having a job to pay for this aforementioned flat, I got a job at my local Cinema. My temporary position at Argos ended at the end of December so I was left to amble about on the job market for a spell or two.

The irony that, though Argos was a fairly miserable place, it gave me the required experience to get me hired at Cineworld, a mere 8 months after I’d initially been turned down for the same job. It’s the circle of life basically.

More on that in a second but I also got married. I know, right? We got married in April, went on a two-week honeymoon to Orlando and came back to find life still popping up surprises. One housemate is going, soon to be replaced, with a plume of white smoke, by another.

fire wedding

Succumbing to evil…lol jks

Weird to think that just three months in at Cineworld and I’m already no longer new but, I dunno, more…newish. Sure.

Life’s been a rollercoaster let me tell ya. Albeit a very mild one designed for very small children. Or more like the teacups actually, with things changing and undulating and…it’s just been busy ok.

amy and lily

I want each of these blog posts, in which I talk about life, to have something different to say in each, yet I feel like this one echoes the same thoughts from my last. Argos was a social disaster compared to the comfort of my weekly writing group and the sentiment I want to bring up now is similar.

I love my job. The work is fine and the money is nice but the things that matter most to me is whether I feel comfortable with the people. At my new job, I do…a lot. I’d say I get on really well with the majority of them and I feel pretty much at home there, which is lovely.

The way in which life works is often strange. One moment you’re panicking and worrying about not getting a job or not making it through a particularly stressful time, then a blink later you’re on the other side breathing normally.

I’m worried I’m going to snap back to reality, find myself in one of those horrendously stressful days when we had to move dozens of boxes from a storage unit to our new house in Southampton on a hot summer’s day two years ago.

But I’m here I have a proper flat, a job and I’m married. Whodathunk it would’ve all happened at once like this?


Every once in a while life throws up something in your path. Financial issues, illness and confusing emotions but there’s something so wonderful about feeling like you’re not entirely a screw-up and that you’ve made it through the hard times without really noticing.

It’s June now and I haven’t written in so long. I have little left to say because I’m really just getting back into the swing of things. A lot has happened and a lot will continue to happen this year and in the years ahead.

But I think right now the sentiment I want to leave things on is that I’m just glad I get to work with people who I look forward to seeing and don’t want to crush with a stack of catalogues every moment of the day.

And that’s all one could hope for, isn’t it?


Next time: Cats, Tats and Automobiles


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