Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part Three (15-11)

Continuing my top 25 films of 2016 list.

15. Fantastic Beasts


Johnny Depp aside, Fantastic Beasts was actually better than I expected it to be based on its mediocre reviews. I really enjoyed these new characters, the added darkness and the rich world building. The finale is thrilling and the performances are all hugely engaging. It mainly gets this high up the list because of the nostalgia factor and the New York local but it holds its own.

Highlight: Creedence Rampages

14. Kubo and the Two Strings


Despite a second act that flags as it goes into road trip territory, overall Kubo is a beautiful, gorgeously animated stop-motion animation adventure. Its rich story is captivating whilst its Japanese sensibilities are wonderful to indulge in.

Highlight: The village comes together

13. Your Name


A new anime classic that has heart and humour in a story that transcends time and space. Its director has been cited as the new Hayao Miyazaki and that’s a pretty safe bet. Your Name is utterly enchanting and one not to be missed.

Highlight: The twist (timey-wimey stuff)

12. The Girl with All the Gifts


A zombie movie with a brain. There’s a lot to love about this homegrown, chilling take on the zombie genre, with a superb score from Cristobal Tapia de Veer and a fantastic cast. It gets its action set pieces out of the way early on and the finale is as jaw-dropping as it is beautiful.

Highlight: Pram zombie?

11. Green Room


Tragically one of Anton Yelchin’s last films but boy, what a film. Taught, tense and with a chilling central performance from Patrick Stewart, Green Room is the year’s best thriller and it’ll leave you feeling rattled.

Highlight: Arm harm



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