Top 25 Films of 2016 – Part Two (20-16)

Continuing my top 25 films of 2016 list.

20. Ghostbusters


The most controversial film of 2016, surrounded by misogyny and racism, was also one of the most entertaining. With a solid joke rate, a fantastic cast (McKinnon was wonderful) and a tremendous mid-finale battle scene, Ghostbusters was a purely joyous, damned fun piece of cinema.

Highlight: Holtz kicks ass

19. Captain America: Civil War


As superhero films go (I’ve never really LOVED any of them) this is certainly in the top tier. Apart from the wisecracks, cast having a blast and spectacular action scenes, there’s also a nuance and pathos that make it stand out from the rest. Don’t dismiss these films as cinematic fluff, they have more to them than meets the eye and this is undoubtedly RDJ’s best ever performance as Tony Stark.

Highlight: The final emotional blows between Tony and Steve

18. Hunt for the Wilderpeople


A bizarre, funny delight with two terrific central performances and a fantastic visual style. From the connecting tissue of the Flight of the Concords guys, it’s incredible to know that the same guy who directed this will direct Thor: Ragnorak. It’s got charm in spades and will leave you grinning from ear to ear.

Highlight: Caucasian

17. The Witch


Dripping in a rich, 17th-century atmosphere with the creepiest score of the year, a tactile visual style and some of the most unsettling imagery to come out of 2016 cinema. The Witch isn’t to everybody’s taste but at times it’s an utterly beguiling film with more than enough food for thought. As a big horror fan, this is a modern classic and one that’ll creep me out for years to come.

Highlight: Devil in the Dark

16. The Jungle Book


Disney seems to be nailing their live action reboots. The Jungle Book is the best one yet with fantastic visual and musical nods to the world of classic Disney and jaw-dropping photorealist CGI. The voice cast is impeccable and there are some genuinely frightening scenes in there too. Also, the songs are actually pretty great. But I love Disney so hey, what did you expect?

Highlight: Tough to choose but the opening logo, which homaged the 1967 original, was delightful

Check back soon for 15-11


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