The Accountant, Under the Shadow, A United Kingdom Reviews


I’m behind on reviews so here’s a bunch at once


A dumb but occasionally decent action thriller that wastes Anna Kendrick and gives all the best stuff to J K Simmons. Ben Affleck. It’s essentially quite airless but it’s occasionally quite fun and is neither terrible nor good.

A smart horror set in 1980’s Tehran during the ‘War of the Cities’ as a mother and daughter are haunted by an unseen evil. With touches of The Babadook about it and a strong vein of political subtext, Under the Shadow is a worthwhile addition to the genre, if it perhaps doesn’t hold your attention as much as you’d like.


A United Kingdom is an important film for 2016 and this point in history and its story is told with efficiency and verve. However, the bad guys are moustache twirling villains, with the likes of Tom Felton, Jack Davenport and Nicholas Lyndhurst pulling you out of the film every time they appear on the screen.

Beyond the two central performances and the gorgeous cinematography, there’s nothing that really helps it stand out from your standard ITV drama.

The Accountant: C+

Under the Shadow: B-

A United Kingdom: C+


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