3. The Times They Are a Changin’

The Main Stuff

I’ve stalled writing this for a while now. Mainly because I hadn’t done much but mostly because I was waiting for the right moment. Now, with the world on the brink of collapse, I thought it was time to have a chat.

A bunch o’ stuff has happened since I last wrote to you, dear readers and I must say I’ve missed you.

How to tackle the events of my life that have occurred between then and now. How indeed.

In October…sigh, remember October. When Halloween was coming and an orangutan wasn’t made the president of the United States. In October I volunteered over a weekend for the Isle of Wight Literary Festival Youth Zone.

I stood at doors, took tickets, hid from the rain, moved mats, moved chairs, sat on things, stood by things, got flustered by crowds and hid from more rain. It was good fun and I enjoyed chatting with various people.

Then November came, bringing with it the welcome chill of winter and for a while, it felt like it too would be another uneventful month of my year. I guess the thing I’ve got going on the most is thus.

I gots a job I did.

In the words of Todd Chavez “Hooray”. You apply and you apply, you get a couple of interviews and don’t make it. Then, one day, out of the blue you get a call in the middle of the evening and get asked a couple of questions and to come in for an interview the next day. Gee, your nervous but the interview goes well. Your responses are great and considered and you ask a question that they like.

Then they give you the job there and then. I’m a Christmas Temp at Argos.


I’m a writer and blogger, still and always. But I need another job to keep me afloat. At least until I get a full-time blogging job. Argos is great. At the time of writing this, I’ve had five days of work and it’s been awesome. It’s a good job with a little novelty and nice people. It’s exhausting sometimes, sure, but I’m glad that I have it.

Funny how you spend all the time looking for jobs then, before you know it, you’re standing in a stock room, climbing a ladder to retrieve a dusty Minion toy.

Then, just yesterday I get an e-mail from the same woman who recruited me for Yahoo, asking if I wanted to do paid blogging for Metro. Buses aye.

As of writing this, I haven’t said yes but I’ll think I’ll go for it. It’s gonna be a lot of work. With my job at Argos, blogging for three sites (two paid) and my own personal blog too, plus watching Films and TV, it’ll be crazy but damn worth it.

The blogging jobs don’t pay much but they keep my dream alive if I could be so blunt.

I’m lucky, really, to find a position at Argos that will take me despite my no experience and now my blogging is just going from strength to strength. I’m lucky and I’ll never forget what and who helped me get here.

In a few months I want, hope, to be living in a house with my fiance (and our friend) and being all adult and things. Learn to drive, get married, have a honeymoon. Stuff and things.

Life can be tough sometimes. We struggle and fight and the end always feels so far away yet when we reach the end, we always look back and marvel at how we got through it all. What with Amy currently going through a nasty illness and the state of the world (I’m looking at you America) it’s a time where I can see how important it is to fight.

November has been a crazy month in a crazy year but I look forward to what’s ahead. Maybe when I write to you again I’ll have more to say.

Till next time.


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