Trolls Reviews: Heinous or Genius??



Trolls is either terrible or genius.

On one level I hate the cheery, pop music feel. The hyper realised colourful, sugary happy message song and dance of it. Where nothing is nuanced and everything is cheesily put together.

On another level, it’s the most bizarre, wildly inventive, oddly designed and strangest film of the year. I’ve seen Swiss Army Man and this was weirder. 

I mainly liked the music choices from The Sound of Silence to Gorillaz and the irresistible joy of Can’t Stop the Feeling. *

Timberlake has given the film all of its passion with the choice of music and in a few scenes, he’s even given the film a dark Coraline, Tim Burton vibe, particularly in the Bergen town.

The humour is also occasionally so very weird that it’s actually very funny even if the peppy voices of James Cordon and Russell Brand are so unsuited for this. Some of the visual humour is very Adventure Time that it will leave you smiling with its weirdness and frankly that’s all I can say to recommend it.

It is a painfully modern pop tie in but kids will love it and the glitz and wackiness is kind of the point. I can’t be cynical about a film that is genuinely funny sometimes and where the music choices are kind of inspired.

Apart from Anna Kendrick (who is always brilliant in everything and has a voice like an angel), the cast is all a bunch of peppy white people who no have nuance in their voices, except for Zooey Deschanel who is unrecognisable and does a sort of Lumpy Space Princess impression.

Those two are great but I don’t care for the rest.

That’s it really. It’s SUCH a weird film. It’s a bright, shiny, funny film with some fantastically catchy songs and some great visual humour that makes me forgive it the rest.

I am having trouble composing a proper review because my mind is just an explosion of glitter and colour but, yeah, I liked it.

This is the year for surprisingly good second tier animations and Trolls is the epitome of that. Just watch it, see what you think.

Rating: B-

*I mean that song is so goddamn catchy. I’d rate the film 10/10 for that alone. They actually sing it in the film and I couldn’t stop smiling.

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