Blog Changes


When I started writing for Yahoo a few months ago, my TV posts on this blog dropped to practically zero. I wasn’t able to post the same things there and here so I realised I had to focus just on my more professional work. 

As an aspiring Film/TV journalist, I realise that this blog will eventually become less useful for relaying my opinions to the world. As it happens, I now write for a site called ‘Film and TV Now’ and this is where my film reviews will go.

I’ve already written one review here and I’ve got another pending. Which means that these reviews will be unable to go up on this here blog. Every so often, one may turn up here if someone writes a review on FaTN before me. But I don’t really know.

So I may attempt to just link to those reviews here if I can. You can alternatively follow me on social media. I’m redflost on Twitter, Tumblr and Instagram. And Ben Homes on Facebook.

What of this blog now. Well, I still want to write stuff. Write life posts and creative writing. Occasionally posting a review too. This blog always needed to be a jumping off point for my blogging career and its done well so far. I won’t put it into retirement or anything, I just think that it will evolve into something based less on Movies and Shows.

Thank you for your continued support, I hope I can continue providing good content, no matter the form. 🙂

Let me know your thoughts.



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