2. Book Launch and Beardish

The Main Thing/s

In my last blog post, I talked about the then upcoming book launch for the Young Writers (hopefully first) anthology book and a few days ago we revealed it to the world.

Waterstones was packed with friends, families and the general public, all of them there to see us perform and hopefully buy a copy. There was wine, laughter, bright lights and lots of chatter. It was a wonderful night that went off without a hitch and established the Young Writers group as a team.

I was nervous, of course, but I knew that once I got up in front of everyone I would be fine. My performance went well, it wasn’t the best but it didn’t go badly and I got a few laughs for one of my pieces. That was nice.

Everyone did fantastically and I felt pride in being part of such a great team of awesome people and I really hope we can get funding for the future. As for the book, we all got our free copy and everyone in the group signed everybody else’s. (They’ll be available to purchase online, by the way, so watch out for that)

In the end, it was a lovely experience and one of the highlights of my year.

What Else?

On the same day as the book launch, I went to Portsmouth with my Mum to do a charity walk for Alzheimers (which my Nan suffers from). It was an easy walk in the lovely sunshine and once we finished after an hour and a half we went to have some food and go to the Southsea amusements and funfair. It was really nice.


And yes, I’m growing a beard. Well, I’ve not really thought about growing a beard. I just stopped shaving. I’ve gotten past the itchy phase so I’m enjoying the way it changes the look of my face. I’ve been feeling a bit self-loathy recently, so I guess I’m trying a bit harder to keep a look I’m happier with.

Poetry Alcove

If you struggle to fit in you must know how it feels to feel the blessed relief of a successful conversation.

The awkward stutter of a misheard whisper is forgotten. You can stop holding your breath.

The smiles aren’t false or pitying. They’re the smell of freshly cut glass on a snug summers day.

Joy for the joke that lands and the kindly nod goodbye. No wave, no condescension, no “nice try”.

Just a small victory in a day that doesn’t matter.

Till next time 🙂


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