Madam’s Family Values: A review of Bridget Jones’s Baby


After flirting with the idea of sending our characters down the route of a non-traditional family, which could very well be a possibility by the end, the film decides to go for something more traditional. It’s a bit of a shame but then again Bridget Jones was always pretty traditional.

Modelling the series, well, the first one at least, on Pride and Prejudice means that it’s all going to be very romantic and pretty traditional, with a quaint view of London. Whilst this isn’t a bad thing in a broader sense, in 2016 the notion feels a little outdated and it would’ve been more progressive if there was a different outcome to the film.

Bridget becoming a single Mum, for example.

However, the film is still a pretty decent couple of hours at the cinema. It’s occasionally sweet and in a few prime examples, very funny. Emma Thompson as the Doctor (also acting as the film’s script doctor) is brilliant in every scene and its sort of nice to see all of these great British stars back together again.

It is pretty cheesy, though, whilst moments that try to update the humour to 2016 are reasonably successful, some are outdated and there’s a weird merge of early 21st century Britishness and modern post naughties London. It’s not all terrible and there are some genuinely funny scenes and moments that come from the performances but there’s some weirdness towards feminism near the end that doesn’t quite make sense.

In the end, It’s a good Bridget Jones film, it just skips out on being revolutionary.

Rating: B-


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