1. The Interim: Poised Above the Keys

From the top. Hi. It’s time to start writing again.

It’s the start of September, the rain is chilling the summer air and there’s a whiff of Autumn on the horizon.

I’d go as far as to say it’s the best part of the year, a time where the deluge of bad weather evokes a deeper state of relaxation and we can sit in our warm bedrooms listening to the sound of rain.

I’ve been done with Uni for over a month now so I thought it was about time that I start blogging properly again. I’m not exactly in a massively different place than I was when I last chatted on here but there’s enough going on to warrant this post.

I just want to get back to writing about life and all the things that happen in between, write a post regularly and keep it up.

Trouble is I don’t have a lot going on at the moment.

I’m currently living back home on the Island with my parents whilst I search for a job. I split my time between spending time with my fiance Amy and going to Newport (the main town of the Island), writing in Starbucks and seeing films. I also watch a bunch of TV shows when I can.

I have so much planned. I want to learn to drive, get fit, get a house with Amy, travel the world and enjoy life. I just can’t get a job. I have minimal experience, apart from the blogging of course, but there’s not a lot of those jobs around.

I also have some experience in cleaning and housekeeping but no-one’s replied to my applications. So, I’ve just sort of been sitting about, repeating the same things over and over again. I enjoy this stuff, I do, but I’m just in between life at Uni and actually starting life. At the moment everything feels so uncertain.

There’s one thing that adds some difference to my schedule and that’s with the weekly writing club I’ve been going to. Every Saturday we meet in a room in Starbucks and write pieces on a variety of subjects and we’ve just finished up work on an anthology that will be released at a book launch on the 24th September in Waterstones.

I’m so proud of being a part of this book and this group, it’s been amazing to meet new and interesting people, who, for the most, part share similar views as me. Of course, my introverted nature often comes into play but I’ve become more relaxed and confident in the group and I don’t feel anxious anymore.

I feel at home and I hope to go for a while to come.

Apart from that, I’ve done a variety of different things.

Went for a day trip back to Southampton with Amy and her family.

Played a lot of Pokemon GO.

Enjoyed the summer (though not as much swimming as I’d like).

Did some walking.


Had fun on Amys 21st birthday.

Went to the amazing London Film and Comic-Con.

And saw so many films and many amazing new TV shows.

Those were great. Really great.

I also want to write a short book myself and start writing a TV show…but I’m feeling a little lost at the moment. Only every once in a while does it get me down but my optimism is just about pushing me through.

I plan to do these sort of posts more regularly because I like writing about me rather than just about films and the like. I find it a little cathartic if you know what I mean.

I hope you do.

So, till next time. I hope you have a good one, whatever it may be.


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