The Blink Ring: A review of Lights Out

lights out.jpg

Extended from the award winning short Film by creator David Sandberg, Lights Out is a Film built around its premise. It has a decent amount of character work, following on from the likes of The Babadook in having deep and layered characters to support the horror, but pretty much lives based on this premise.

It’s got a touch of the Weeping Angels from Doctor Who, an alien menace that turns to stone when being observed but as soon as you blink, it’ll move towards you, but it uses its conceit well, coming up with some interesting ways to help survive the monster.

The story is a bit like The Ring, a mysterious young girl with black hair, thus the mystery element of the Film feels like countless other Movies. But as a horror, it does what it does and it does it well.

The scares are scary and the atmosphere is palpable and there are some great uses of light going on and off to heighten tension. In particular, the use of motion sensor lighting makes for a really interesting way to bring forth the monster and a later blinking neon light ramps up the fear.

The cast is all fine and the music is ordinary yet creepy enough but when the scares are coming and the Film builds to a somewhat shocking climax, it’s a perfectly serviceable and watchable horror flick.

It won’t change the world, nor even the genre, but it’s not bad and it’ll pass the time just pleasantly.

Rating: B


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