The Bored Stupidity: A review of Jason Bourne

was never a fan of the original Bourne trilogy. Despite some decent action scenes, I couldn’t engage with them and failed to get what all the hype was about. I went into Jason Bourne thinking that perhaps this would be the exception. Maybe I would like this more than most people.

But no. This was worse.

I was bored within five minutes. The characters are bland, with no motive or interest. The acting talents of Alicia Vikander and Tommy Lee Jones can’t do anything to elevate the thin plot that only serves to tie action set pieces together.

These set pieces, of which only two are pretty good amongst the three, are impressive but ultimately all there is. What comes in between is bland, rehashing of cliched spy Movie material and flavourless in its attempt to create the feel of a real threat.

The action set pieces do build tension well with a combination of frenetic editing and dramatic music but they only ever warrant a simple thrill of no real substance.

Like last years Spectre, which had spectacular stunts but a singular lack of any engaging story, Jason Bourne fails to evoke any interest in the in between scenes.

At least Bourne adds a whiff of realism to the action.

In particular, the beginning motorbike chase set in the frenzy of a riot, which, when you compare it to the empty streets of Spectre’s purely confectionary Rome-based car chase, is superior.

Yet that’s all I enjoyed about it.

Matt Damon is fine but no more than that. He gazes into a mirror at some point and gazes into the middle distance whilst on a train, but he’s no Mark Watney.

Elsewhere Paul Greengrass, who’s exceptional talents made Captain Phillips and United 93 two of the most emotionally affecting thrillers in the past decade, can only direct things with solid efficiency.

The music is only there to build tension and the cinematography is fine enough but I couldn’t even be impressed on a technical level.

Overall, I just wanted it to end five minutes in and it hasn’t done anything new to help me love the franchise.

Rating: C


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