Hollywood Homicide: A review of The Nice Guys


Set in the 1970’s, Ryan Gosling and Russell Crowe are two detectives investigating the murder of a porn star, which leads them into a search for a missing girl.

From Director Shane Black (Kiss Kiss, Bang Bang, Iron Man 3), The Nice Guys is a fun and funny detective romp but after seeing it a few days ago, my impression of it has gotten smaller.

Not to say it isn’t good, I laughed out loud many times and the performances of Gosling, Angourie Rice (playing his daughter) and Crowe are all spot on. Gosling, in particular, is hilarious as a fairly hapless, Clouseau style detective. The trouble is that its all been done before and apart from a shock death midway through the Film, it all feels fairly unoriginal.

Having said that, I enjoyed it a lot and was pretty much always entertained. The visual style is beautiful and retro, the music toe-tapping and the cast all excellent. The story is good if run of the mill and though the characters are drawn with broad strokes, you do get a bit of emotional connection to them.

Black is clearly having a ball, as are his cast, yet despite genuinely liking the tone of the Film, I’m a fan of LA based mysteries like this, it’s got no great weight to it. It’s there and then it’s gone.

See, I’m just constantly going back and forth, saying I enjoy it but don’t love it. Well, at least it’s memorable. Go watch it and support it’s small quirkiness.

Rating: B


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