Fear the Walking Dead – S2E4 – Blood in the Streets review

Screenshot 2016-05-02 at 13.13.20.png

Hooray for a modicum of representation. A small reveal, that the mysterious Strand is gay, happens without any drama or build up. No declarations or tying it unnecessarily into the plot. Nope, it’s just there. In flashback, we learn about Strand. How he stole a guys (Thomas Abigail) money after Hurricane Katrina, made an excellent return on it and ended up going into business with the same guy. In the final flashback, the two men kiss without any signalling or showy arrogance saying, hey look at us being diverse.

If this were the best moment of the episode I’d feel a little awkward signalling it because it really shouldn’t be that momentous. Yet, luckily, the rest of the episode was pretty good.

Nick secretly swims ashore, does his zombie guts trick, rendezvous’s with Luis, Thomas’s muscle and friend of Strand, who transports Nick back to the coast where the two travel back to Strand’s boat.

On the boat, however, Alicia’s walkie talkie Jack and his gun-toting friends arrive, threatening and shouting. They force Travis to fix the boat after Strand tries to get away on a dinghy, and the rest all get tied up, trying to get the pregnant woman wound up enough to create a distraction.

Connor, the leader of this band of pirates arrives, snatches Alicia and Travis before Nick and Luis arrive to save the rest. Then Madison kills the other pirate dude with a crowbar through the gut. Nice.

Chris also grabs said crowbar and twists it a bit. He can’t handle being taunted can he.

So overall. ‘thumbs up’.

Not bad, not bad at all

Rating: B+


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