Fear the Walking Dead – S2E2 – We All Fall Down review

Screenshot 2016-04-24 at 17.47.29.png

Only slightly improving on last week’s episode, We All Fall Down has some neat set pieces and a decent amount of character development.

Perhaps realising that it would be quite difficult to set these episodes entirely on a boat, the writers send the gang to a small corner of an island where a mysterious family live. The dad is a bit of a controlling asshole with an ambiguous plan and the mum and two kids almost head off on the boat until the young girl dies after eating the dads bad-man pills and becomes a mum chewing zombie.

It was an episode that began slowly and was fairly boring for a while as it established the family but it got going towards the end and even though it has practically no re-watch value, it was perfectly fine.

We discovered that Strand was a bit of a mystery and is conversing with someone about something and he also has a rendezvous to get to.

The characters all remain the same, Chris is still a massive tool, and the show is still as flawed as it always has been

Rating: B-


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