Peep Show: A review of Hardcore Henry


The sort of rubbish aimed at Lads that you usually see in 2-minute bursts in Facebook videos. It may be fairly impressive then and definitely not long enough to cause offence for more than a few seconds, but, in a feature Film, it’s a dizzying 2 hours of male fantasy rubbish that will make you angry for enjoying the occasional slice of it.

It had the potential to be Bourne meets John Wick but ended up being another Transporter Refueled styled actioner with the usual strain of female disregard, macho posturing, and ugly homophobia. Without characterisation or a story, its only asset is its gimmick, which only ends up feeling like a cheap and nasty video game.

It tries to be cool and retro, with violent titles and 80’s song choices to go with the fighting but when that fighting is a blur of motion, the music only serves to remind you of how disappointingly out of time the whole Film is.

Remember Kingsman, that Film knew how to stage a fight. The church scene is perhaps the greatest choreographed fight scene to music I’ve ever scene and Hardcore Henry only aspires to be so relentless and violent that you won’t notice it’s not doing its job.

Despite some fun moments and clever techniques on show, the whole thing stumbles along from set pieces to set pieces, introducing clones, flamethrowers, and even telekinesis into the mix with no rhyme or reason.

The gun-toting hero says nothing so Sharlto Copleys Jimmy is the only one we get to know. He’s a lazy amalgam of cockney mentor type characters, swearing, and smoking, killing with glee or enjoying himself in a brothel.

At least, he’s not the Film lead female character, a damsel in distress made to be a scientist so as to appease accusations of sexism.

It doesn’t wash.

What with naked women titillating the screen and the other female characters with dialogue only serving to give the hero purpose, this isn’t a Film if you want to see equality in action.

Basically, this is Lad culture at it’s most egregious. If the only thing you have going for it is a simple POV gimmick then you might as well give up, cause I’d rather be re-watching Peep Show.

Rating: C-


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