Blink and Miss: A review of Midnight Special

midnight special.jpg

I went into Midnight Special knowing that it was a small Sci-Fi Film with a kid who resembled a young Cyclops from X-Men and despite hoping that I would love it, I came away none the wiser to what it actually was about and frankly complete underwhelmed.

I don’t know why but I was bored. Despite a good start that gave me a small modicum of hope, as the Film trundled on, only occasionally alleviated by a burst of eye based action, I realised that nothing in it was clicking for me.

The music wasn’t clicking, the cinematogrpahy wasn’t shining. The characters were so bland that I couldn’t concentrate on anything they were saying and by the end of it I knew no more than I did at the start.

I expected it to be good, I expected to like it but there was nothing in it that had me gripped or hooked. It was a senseless experience with no music to my ears or beauty for my eyes. A trudging disappointment.

Rating: C


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