The Eagle Has Landed: A review of Eddie the Eagle


From Director Dexter Fletcher comes a slightly fictional tale of how Eddie Edwards rose to fame during the late 80’s in a Film that ticks every Brit sports biopic cliche in the book but succeeds because it has buckets of charm and because, by nature, us Brits love an underdog.

Taron Egerton is Eddie, refusing to be typecast and going for a role as completely opposite as that of Eggsy from Kingsman. He gives a great performance, as does Hugh Jackman, alongside a supporting cast of recognisable British faces.

It plays exactly as you’d expect it to and like all the biopics before it, it’s simply a very feel good Film. That’s all there really is to it. It’s not gonna break any records, It doesn’t hit a bum note and has a final scene that will have you ready to punch the air.

There’s a nice score and some very lovely visuals of snow capped mountains and there’s plenty of nice humour. It’s not taxing on the brain and will definitely serve as a perfectly enjoyable two hours.

Rating: B


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