The Walking Dead – S6E15 – East review

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It’s a little frustrating being a fan of The Walking Dead. We had a great solid run of episodes for a while but it seems that the last two have sadly fallen back on old problems. Namely killing for shock value and unnecessary character stupidity.

Last week Denise died, which was shocking, but was the wrong character dead at the wrong time. Why not wait till the finale and have one huge death instead of just killing one of the B characters and having it mean a bit less. This week, most of the best fighters leave Alexandria when they should be readying for war.

Carol’s gone, which is fine and makes some semblance of sense and Daryl goes looking for revenge, which is also fine, but Glenn, Michonne and Rosita go chasing down Daryl and Rick and Morgan go looking for Carol. Is there no way that they could do this a bit better. Do they not have walkie talkies and stuff?

Anyway, it was still a good episode. Carol took down some saviours and promptly disappeared after having a bit of a panic attack. She’s great, really great and her journey into a faith in god sort feels like a natural progression for her, despite it being a bit sudden.

Rick and Morgan get some good bits together, Morgan confessing about the Wolf he kept locked up and then going off to look for Carol whilst Rick heads back home, taking a gun with him…ooh.

Daryl is angry, he wants to take down Dwight because he thinks it’s his fault that Denise died. This leads to Glenn and Michonne being captured and as Daryl and Rosita arrive to save them, Dwight comes up behind them and shoots Daryl. It cuts to black and Dwight says you’ll be fine, which is a relief because that moment really did shock me.

Perhaps the writers responding to the Glenn death thing from earlier in the series.

Also, Maggie doubles up in pain, which clearly indicates there will be severe problems with the baby and with Glenn the guy in the line of sight for the chop next episode, it may be one of the happy couple who won’t be getting out alive next week.

It was a good, if slight episode, with a lot of characters talking, which was fine because it gave certain people a chance to have some important interactions.

I really hope that they knock it out of the park in the finale, anything less and it will make the whole build up a big disappointment.

Rating: A-


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