Better Call Saul – S2E5 – Rebecca review


Kim Wexler spends the episode struggling to get out of a hole that Jimmy dug for her, sort of, and despite her best efforts, she just can’t get back out on top. 

Towards the end her conversation with Chuck is very interesting indeed, setting up a potential friendship/partnership that could put Jimmy off of his stride and shows great development for the two characters.

The beginning is also interesting as Chuck, in flashback, with his wife have dinner with a pre-lawyer Jimmy, who manages to impress her, but not him.

There’s a lot of good moments here and there for the characters, Kim especially gets the most to do as of yet, but the real eyes wide open moment comes when Hector Salamanca himself approaches Mike in a cafe telling him to lie to the police and get Tuco out of jail.

This is gonna be good.

Rating: B+


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