The Walking Dead – S6E13 – The Same Boat review

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Another great, if less so than last weeks, episode that has some interesting developments for the plot as well as the characters.

After last week, Maggie and Carol have been taken by four of the Saviours, where they hole up in an abandoned building, as you do. The episode takes place pretty much entirely in here and in the process the two women come out of the other side different people.

Carol’s gone from abused housewife to killing machine in 6 seasons, give or take, yet here she’s having second thoughts about her situation. We established last week that she didn’t want to kill and this is aptly demonstrated when she fails to outright kill the male member of this group which is the thing that gets them captured.

Her reluctance to kill yet having to make the hard decision anyway is what makes her so interesting because at least now we know that she’s not completely cold but genuinely hates this side of her. By the end of the episode she is shaken and after killing her lead captor in a particularly gruesome way, she appears to be set down a different path.

Maggie, however, is a stone cold killer in this episode, letting a man bleed to death (though he was already dead) and beating a woman to death with the butt of a gun are all done to save the duo (well, trio) but they demonstrate that Maggie has not just become the diplomat this season, though we do get shades of that, but rather that she isn’t the one that just needs saving.

Carol and Maggie make their escape, disposing of the Saviour reinforcements with shocking precision and make their way to reunite with Rick and Co. The episode is spent in bulk with them, as Carol seems to take up faith as a means of dealing with all that she’s done and Maggie is able to be ferocious when she needs to, even though she tells Glenn that she’s had enough at the end.

The other interesting development of the episode is when the two Saviours state that they are Negan at two different moments of the episode. Whether this is something true and the writers are seriously changing it up from the comics, it’s based on some sort of devoted worship to Negan or just a bunch of lies to throw people off the scent, remains to be seen, but it certainly adds an extra layer to the whole mystery of Negan.

Overall it was a solid, if slight episode, with some interesting moments, gruesome moments and a bit of a breather before what could be some pretty serious and dour episodes.

Rating: B


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