Ghosts, Glass Town and Grand Theft Auto: University Part IX

I didn’t do a post two weeks ago because I hadn’t done anything particularly different to the week before so I decided to skip it. Now it’s been four weeks, so here’s what I’ve been getting up to.

The second Post-Production of the year, a short ghost story called Yolanda, was edited and completed with only a bit of struggle as one of the scenes was finickity and difficult to work, plus it had some green screen that had to be incorporated. Even after I missed a lesson I still got the project in on time.

FMP has been going fine as our teachers are now happy with our idea and I’ve been developing the script and as I group we’ve been finding great actors and locations. It’s been good and I look forward to filming soon in the New Forest, not far away.

Other than that I need to prepare for a presentation for TV Futures that I missed whilst I was on holiday and I need to write a CV and join LINKEDIN for ‘Working in the Creative Industries’. So Uni has been fine, they opened a Starbucks there which is great for me as I love an Iced Caramel Macchiato.

At home, we finished Parks and Rec, carried on with the excellent Season 5 and 6 of Buffy, played GTA V into the night whilst chatting and began putting pieces of Creative Writing on my blog. I visited home for a bit and wrote some more posts for my new Yahoo blog. It’s not been a lot, but it’s been nice.


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