The Walking Dead – S6E11 – Knots Untie review

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This is The Walking Dead at its best. Everyone’s reasonably happy, despite a food shortage, and nobodies behaving like an idiot. Trouble is, this is the calm before the storm and judging by the forecast, this is not gonna end well.

We pick up where we left off last time, Jesus befriends Rick and Co. convinces them into accompanying him to his Hilltop community where they live with crops, cows and a big old house. They want to make a deal, supplies for supplies, yet their leader is a bit of an ass and plus the community is already under the heel of Negan and the Saviours.

Negan is doing a Hopper from A Bugs Life and taking their food but only choosing to not kill them in return. So the Alexandrians decide to make the deal, saying that they will deal with Negan and the Saviours in return for half their supplies. It’s a potentially foolhardy idea as they are over confident and don’t know what they’re going to be facing.

Judging by what I’ve heard about Negan, things will not end well for our heroes. I expect we’ll have a major failure for the team and a big death by the end of the season.

So after last weeks joyful road trip, this episode features barely any zombie carnage, a bit of fighting when the Hilltop scouts came back with a bloody message from Negan and a good amount of politics.

Maggie gets to do more than ever before and is the one who brokers the deal, fighting against sexism and wrapping things up peacefully, unlike Rick. The developments in this episode are smart and interesting, the character motivations are sensible and restrained and it feels like the steps being made are original and interesting.

I like the western style, the music that accompanied the Hilltop community and how Rick and Co. came in like cowboys to take down the bad guy with the black hat. It’s an interesting dynamic and the big museum house adds to this old world tale and for the second week in a row, we’ve had a thoroughly exciting and interesting episode dynamic that has very few zombies in it.

Abraham had a worry about raising children in the apocalypse which melded with Glenn and Maggies pregnancy tale, mixing with his sort of triangle with Rosita and Sasha. It was a nice development for him and just gave the show another reason to love him.

Overall it was another excellent episode in a mostly great season, in Walking Dead style it’s all hit and miss but at the moment, it’s mostly hit.

Rating: B+


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