Grim and Bare It: A review of Grimsby


There is no finer example of curiosity being used as a form of marketing then ‘Grimsby’ as, for the last few weeks, Sacha Baron Cohen has been peddling the same trick on various chat shows. He would show a clip to the audience of said show, a clip that is so outrageous that the show can’t actually broadcast it, so the cameras only record the reactions of the audience.

This is a great piece of marketing as it makes everybody watching the reactions of these people extremely curious as to what the outrageous clip could contain. The thing is, the scene in the Film is very out there and very outrageous but it’s not particularly funny and not very clever.

The trouble is that people will most likely go to see this Film, its mix of football hooliganism and spy action will appeal greatly to the young British male but beyond that, this Film will be completely forgotten by the time the next half-decent comedy rolls around.

It’s grotesque and filthy and only half offensive to everyone but it does have a slightly light-hearted feel to its drama and though it makes fun of the lower class, it also sticks up for them, albeit in the most offensive way.

There are no real jokes, just sub-par Inbetweeners gross-out humour, and despite a few titters, mainly from the performances, Grimsby pretty much fails to raise a chuckle. I did enjoy Cohen as the lead, Nobby isn’t vulgar or even a horrible person and his reactions to being thrown into the world of spies are sporadically smirk-worthy, but it comes in a Film with a light approach to the other stuff.

No-one has a good time of it, Strong, Fisher and Cruz all get boring roles and no jokes, it’s a Film for Cohen, it always has been, but, this time, it doesn’t stick. Don’t be tempted by curiosity, it’s not worth it.

Rating: C-


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