My Pick For Best Pic: Oscar Best Picture Nominees

It’s just about time for the 2016 Oscars and to celebrate the occasion, I want to just go through the Best Picture nominees with my picks for which I think should win. I’ll be ranking them from 8 to 1 and just so you know, I haven’t seen ‘The Big Short’.

7. Bridge of Spies

I’m a big Spielberg and Hanks fan but I saw this Film on a plane which sullied my enjoyment of this film. Still it’s a strong, well-made drama about spies in the cold war and it has it’s got the Spielberg richness that makes it watchable.

6. The Martian

A surprise that two Sci-Fi blockbusters made the best picture category but not as much when you see the quality of these Films. This one is the perfect combination of excellent performances, directing and writing which make for one of the most entertaining, surprisingly riveting and thoroughly engaging Films in 2015.

5. Spotlight

Lean, smart and without frills or flash, this is a tough story expertly told and it’s highly riveting throughout. It’s a proper drama but without any Oscar sucking up and it’s got great performances from its ensemble cast and a sleek script.

4. Mad Max: Fury Road

One of the best action movies ever made, using practical effects and filmmaking as robust and intricate as any drama. Thrilling and beautiful to look at, if this wins then it will show the Oscars are finally paying attention to the audiences rather than what they deem to be worthy. It’s not my favorite but it’s a brilliant film.

3. The Revenant

Though it is too long, this is the frontrunner for best Film, apart from being an excellent Film, with stunning cinematography and music it’s also the most Oscary, with a central performance that defines exactly what the Academy are looking for. Leo is still brilliant and he deserves that award for best actor.

2. Brooklyn

A beautiful surprise and if it weren’t for my No. 1, it would be my choice for best Film and Actress. A lovely, lilting story of Irish immigrants in New York with a superb standout central performance and a lovely focal romance.


My favorite Film of 2016 so far and a profoundly affecting story that made me cry and reveals Brie Larson as a wonderful and talented actress, alongside Jacob Trembley as her young son. I would love this to win best picture but I think that will go to The Revenant or Spotlight.

Either way, I can’t wait to find out soon.


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