The Walking Dead – S6E10 – The New World review

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Spoilers duh


This was the best episode of The Walking Dead since Carol took down the Wolves back in episode 2 of the season. Not because of some massive shock, body count or mass amounts of zombie killing, no, this episode shone like a beacon in the gloom because it was essentially a light-hearted romp interspersed with some loose ends being tied up.

Whereas the last episode caused a lot of controversy for its lapses in consistency, and the few episodes that proceeded that caused trouble with its Glenn death fake-out, this is by far, the most satisfying episode of the season.

It’s a light-hearted joy, where Rick, Michonne and Carl play happy families with Judith and Rick and Daryl go on a supply run joshing each other and taking pleasure in getting one over on newcomer Jesus. Paul Rovia, aka Jesus, steals their truck of supplies, which the boys get back, only for it to end up lake bound after another run in with the new bearded member of the cast.

Apart from a few conversations about their once previously different views, Rick now wants to search out people, their part of the episode is like a Starsky and Hutch road trip with zombies. They bring Jesus back to Alexandria and tie him up, more on that later.

Elsewhere in the episode, Carl and Enid fall out over the correct treatment of zombie Deanna, Michonne and Spencer deal with said zombie, with Spencer getting a bit of character and closure and Carl and Michonne bond over how they essentially mean a lot to each other.

The best bit of the episode is when Rick and Michonne sit down on the sofa at the end of a long day and just chat, not wanting to be dramatic and talk about their days but to simply rest and enjoy their company. It’s really nice and really well lit and it ends with them holding hands, kissing and then having sex.

It’s been a fan ship for a long time and now it’s finally happened, with respect to both characters and fairly quick but natural progression for the two of them. It’s been a few weeks so Rick has moved on from Jessie and they were fairly excellent friends already but with Michonne assuming the motherly role to Carl, without sacrificing her character, it makes the pairing all the more understandable.

Then as they lie in bed, in comes Jesus and tells them that they need to talk.

I never thought I’d write that.

Rating A-


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