The Walking Dead – S6E9 – No Way Out

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The thing with The Walking Dead is that you gotta realise that sometimes it sucks. I’m saying this as someone who loves The Walking Dead, someone who will try to defend it and will always keep watching. Though I completely understand that around half the time it’s very flawed and highly frustrating, I’ve come to completely find myself enthralled by the shows twists and turns.

I wasn’t someone annoyed by the whole Glenn death fake-out and with this weeks half season premiere, I was completely gripped and chose to move past the glaring problems and get swept up in the sheer breathlessness of it. Because this episode was truly exciting despite its issues and it seems to me that the fans are loving it more than the critics.

In terms of character and consistency, it was all over the place. The day turned to night, character motivations bordered on ridiculous and Chekhov’s rocket launcher proved to be the best Deux ex Machina of the series to date. Yet, when the residents of Alexandria and our heroes all came together, in a ‘The Avengers’-style team-up, I couldn’t help but feel genuinely thrilled.

The final scenes as they all gathered around, hacking and chopping, taking down the horde one by one, was just awesome. Sometimes you do what you gotta do and I believed that they just needed to become a team to complete the job. Glenn went to save Maggie and it looked like he was about to get killed, again, with Maggie watching, but then Abraham and Sasha intervened followed by Daryl and his fire pond.

I know that it was all very lucky and all but I really don’t care. The whole gang are back together, three characters are dead and Carl took a bullet to the eye. Oh yeah, Sam, Jessie and Ron all died. Sam did stupid and stopped in the horde, got eaten, Jessie screamed and got eaten and Ron, about to shoot Rick for not doing much to stop either, got stabbed by Michonne and accidentally shot Carl in the eye.

This spurred Rick on to finish off the horde once and for all, and yes many things could have been done to stop anything bad happening but it was kind of a relief to see them get it. As much as I wanted to like Jessie, she didn’t really do a lot in the end, so it was probably best for her to go.

Lots of other stuff happened, Dr Denise got free of the Wolf guy, as he got shot by Carol. Eugene and Gabriel got backbones, Carol and Morgan were disdainful towards one another and Daryl blew those Negan bikers to smithereens with the rocket launcher. All in a days work, I suppose.

So yeah, I get its flaws and everything but I just don’t care when it’s this exciting and there’s a lot of characters that I give a damn about. Yes, The Walking Dead can suck on occasion but for a show that has grown in the past years, it can still be darn good even when it’s faulty.

Rating: A-


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