Sailing Those Ships: Top 10 TV Couples

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It’s Valentines Day and to celebrate it I want to look back on my top 10 favourite TV couples. Of course, I can only pick from the shows I’ve actually seen but I believe that these are my favourites.


10. Korra and Asami

Though only becoming cannon in the finale episode, Korrasami was the shows most beautifully realised friendship and their relationship, confirmed by the creators, was a massive step for Children’s animation. The final moment of them walking into the spirit portal hand in hand is one of the greatest TV moments of all time

9. Monica and Chandler

The shows greatest pairing proved that friends can fall in love. From the moment they got together in London to the final episode of the series, this couple were endearingly perfect for each other.

8. Roseanne and Dan

The best representation of a married life on TV? Perhaps. Dan and Roseanne argued and bickered, but they also respected and joked with each other. Their loving relationship was the heart and soul of the show and it’s remembered with fond affection.

7. Sawyer and Juliet

Out of all the relationships on show in Lost, this surprise Season 5 relationship was an instant hit. Two different people learning to start again together was a slap in the face with how much you didn’t know you wanted it. It may have ended in heartbreak, but only relationships that make you care can leave you crying when it goes awry.

6. Marge and Homer

Their marriage has survived for decades, through break-ups and problems, you know that these two can’t live without each other. Some of the best episodes of the show were about how they got together, and it proved how The Simpsons could do pathos as well as comedy.

5. Steven and Connie

At the moment, it’s not a complete relationship as much as two best friends with a special bond whose love for each other lets them fuse into one. Like Ruby and Sapphire, by becoming Stevanni, it proves that their bond is genuine and caring.

4. Jim and Pam

Their will they won’t they ended when they got together and got married, but even when the tension had been taken out of it, this ‘The Office’ couple were still the sweetest and most adorkable pairing on TV.

3. Niles and Daphne

Some say that when they got together the show became less good but for 7 years we willed them to become a couple and when they finally did that’s all we needed to keep watching. After years of divorces and dating strife apart, it was a pleasure to see them make it work together in the end.

2. Leslie and Ben

In a show with some of TVs best couples, Ben and Leslie shine as the prime example of a caring, loving, silly and powerful couple, who put all others to shame. Their journey wasn’t exactly will they won’t they, instead we just wanted to spend an endless amount of time in their company.

1. Willow and Tara

Willow and Oz were great but when Tara and Willow became a thing we were treated with the most loving relationship on TV. They loved each other more than anything and their pairing was the complete opposite to Buffy’s multiple failed relationships.

Have a Happy Valentines day Y’all. 🙂


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