Parks, Pizza and Procrastination: University Part VIII

And rest.

With a newly formatted hard drive, I was able to get all the footage for our next Post-Production project, a short Horror called Yolanda. An editor came in to talk us through the footage and I was able to get all the footage linked up to a timeline. I’m definitely more ahead than I was for the last project.

We started a new lesson called Working in the creative industries where we have lessons about making CV’s and getting jobs in the industry, It’s not the most interesting thing.

The biggest change was with our FMP. After our presentation we made a new treatment, adapting our idea and sent it off to our tutor and they WENT WITH IT, so I could finally begin writing the script and our next meeting went great, we had also started to look at locations and actors.

That’s about it really for Uni. It’s been a very relaxing couple of weeks. We’ve had Wednesdays, Fridays, most of Tuesdays and Mondays off. I’ve finished watching Jessica Jones, Steven Universe the game Limbo and caught up on some Films. We’ve had pizza, made smoothies and delicious milkshakes, played games, and just lazed about. It’s been nice, and I got my Yahoo blog to work.

We carried on watching Buffy, got closer to finishing Parks and rec, and get soaked in the rain.

That’s all I got going on, and it feels good.


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