Jessica Jones – S1E13 – AKA Smile review

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Spoilers Obvs

It took me a while, but I just finished Jessica Jones. The excellent, exciting, beautifully made Jessica Jones. The hero we deserve and the show that brought complexity and nuance to the Marvel Universe (I haven’t seen Daredevil yet ok).

Krysten Ritter is the hardened detective, the tortured but ultimately honest and brave protagonist, who would sacrifice her life to save just one person. Her Jessica Jones is a great screen presence, with moxie and stubbornness she will save the world, but she’ll break a few bones to achieve it, and not just her own.

The final episode of the season takes it all a step up. From Rosario Dawson popping up as a familiar nurse (from Daredevil apparently) and helping Luke Cage get to safety, to Jessica snapping Kilgraves neck, it was one hell of an episode.

Is Kilgrave dead? Well, it’s not exactly surprising but I kinda hope not, I mean his is such a brilliant character that I just don’t want to watch a show where he’s not in it, although I still would. His comeuppance is strong, though, as Jessica and Trish trick him with fake-outs and smiles, getting him near enough to Jessica so she can lay down the final blow.

I almost thought he would indeed sail away on a boat with Trish leaving him alive, but this was probably the best way to end it.

The episode was littered with excellent moments, an entire hospital turning on Jessica or the sight of Kilgraves dead father, without arms, was simply underlining the ickiness of the purple man’s powers. Speaking of the purple man, once Kilgrave took his new concoction of the potion he became all purple and veiny when he yelled, which was an awesome touch.

Luke Cage got up and went off and we got to see Jeri again. A bloodthirsty shark who has ruined countless lives including her own just got Jessica out of prison. Trish is searching through IGH files, which will pull Jessicas past into focus for Season 2 and Malcolm seems to be the new receptionist for Alias investigations, or I hope he is.

Whilst the episode has less big shocks in it than previous episodes, it still remains to be as exciting, dark and thrilling as I’ve become accustomed to. In many ways, I’m glad it took me so long to watch it as it’s given me a good chance to soak it up and now I can look on the internet again.

I look forward to seeing what Season 2 has in store and to hope, even though I probably shouldn’t, that Kilgrave is back for Season 2. Did I mention I love David Tennant in this role? I did? Ok then.

Rating: A


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