Jessica Jones – S1E12 – AKA Take a Bloody Number review

Screenshot 2016-02-05 at 18.53.34.png

Spoilers immediately.

Luke Cage is back and whilst we spend the entire episode with Jessica and Luke partnering up to track down Kilgrave, by the end of the 50 minutes we find out that he’s been under the purple man’s thrall all along.

The episode culminates in a superb brawl set inside a night club and boy is it great to see Tennant back again, not because it’s bad without him, but because he’s so damned good. Kilgrave is working with his father to widen his power, infecting people on a bigger scale and maybe even Jessica again.

Threatening his father’s hand with a blender was gruesome and telling a guy to stand against the fence over there forever shows his true nastiness. When he stands on the stage and calls out to Jessica, it’s just brilliant and chilling.

Elsewhere Malcolm and Robyn bond over Rueben, the latter forgiving the former for his part in her brother’s demise. Trish is approached by her horrible mother and given some key information about Jessicas past, which leads Trish to hide the information from Jessica until Kilgrave is brought down.

All in all, it’s an excellent penultimate episode and I can’t wait to watch the finale.

Rating: A


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