Jessica Jones – S1E11 – AKA I’ve Got the Blues review

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Jessica Jones doesn’t let up. Another episode, another cliffhanger, another collection of gobsmacking moments, but hey, I’m pretty sure no-one died this time.

The crux of the episode deals with the fallout from AKA 1,000 Cuts, and despite having neither Kilgrave or Hogarth, we feel the full repercussions of the costly events that made up the last episode. For AKA I’ve got the blues, we focus on the relationship between Jessica and Trish, which gives us the most emotional episode of the series as Simpson under the power of the Kozlov drug, attempts to kill Jessica, who after being injured by a van, struggles to stop him. Until Trish intervenes, working with Jessica to knock him out, Trish taking the same red pill which inadvertently causes her to almost die.

We use flashbacks to explore the beginning of their relationship, as Jessica discovers her new found powers and saves Trish from her controlling mother. It’s a strong bond that gives the episode it’s heart as Trish nearly dies, and we see that the one person Jessica loves cannot bare to be lost.

Then as Jessica lies at her bedside she receives a text saying that her ‘boyfriend’ is in danger. She rushes to Luke Cages bar before it explodes with him inside, but he, of course, survives. Whether Kilgrave knew if he would survive or not remains to be seen, but it was an exciting moment, and it proves that maybe Trish isn’t the only one she cares about.

Elsewhere Malcolm and Robyn deal with the emotional repercussions of last week, Malcolm gives up on his crusade to be good and Simpson is carried off by Kozlov’s men, his story isn’t done yet.

What gives the episode it’s bite is in showing the relationships between the two lead women and by leaving Kilgrave out of it for a while. By putting him back in the background, it returns the show to the exuding menace that was a staple of the early episodes, and whilst it’s fantastic to see Kilgrave in the flesh, it’s nice to have the show still be thrilling when he’s not actually in it.

All in all, it was bloomin’ good.

Rating: A-


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