Jessica Jones – S1E10 – AKA 1,000 Cuts review

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Immediate Spoilers

Blimey what an episode. For the third episode in a row, we’ve finished with a selection of holy crap moments that leave us reeling in shock. This time, though, the entire episode is full of huge events and big moments that make for truly excellent viewing.

Picking up directly after the last episode, we see Kilgrave use Hogarth to get away, who takes him to Wendy, to both fix his wound and force her to sign the divorce papers. Trish and Kilgraves father work on an antidote to Kilgrave, Simpson goes a bit crazy, Hope is released from prison and after learning about the death of her brother, Robyn gets together the most pissed members of the Jessica Jones support club and goes after the woman in question.

And it’s a bloodbath. Detective Clemons is shot suddenly by Simpson, his pills driving him to horrific things. Then Kilgrave commands Wendy to kill Hogarth with 1,000 cuts but is stopped, in a thrilling scene, by Pam, killing Wendy, smashing her head on a table.

Jessica almost has Kilgrave in her clutches, but she is knocked out by Robyn and the others and he escapes. Jessica meets him at their restaurant where he has Hope and the members of the Kilgrave victims club stand on a bar, nooses around their necks. The trade for Kilgraves father for Hope doesn’t go well as the antidote fails and Hope slits her throat so Jessica can finally kill Kilgrave.

Jessica saves the noose four, making the choice to save them but in the process holding a dying Hope in her arms, as Kilgrave makes his exit with Father in tow.

Various stories come to a head, especially with Hogarth, her ex-wife and her lover, with Wendy dead because of Hogarth’s controlling nature and Pam now under arrest and with a new found hatred for her girlfriend.

Elsewhere, Simpson is all messed up in the head and Trish doesn’t have time to support him yet and we see a flashback of the 18 seconds during Jessicas’ ‘relationship’ with Kilgrave in which she wasn’t under his control but wasn’t able to run away.

Tennant is excellent as always, Ritter is perfect and everyone from Trish to Malcolm are all super brilliant.

Overall it was a thrilling episode with a real body count and multiple shocking moments that left me gripped to my seat and there’s still 3 episodes left.

Rating: A


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