You, Me and the Apocalypse: Episode 1 review


A show with a lot of potential considering it covers pretty much everywhere and everyone on Earth, but even though it’s scope is a little short, it picks itself up behind by the end.

It’s essentially a Comedy-Drama on the month lead up to a comet destroying the world which bookends its story with some of the characters sitting in the bunker at the very last minute.

It has a fantastic cast that includes Matthew Baynton, Rob Lowe and Jenna Fisher amongst many others, and for me, a story about the end of the world interests me a lot, because it can provide many interesting avenues for the story.

As it is, it’s not hugely funny but it’s mix of weird American and British styles are interesting and with the end of the world being announced, it seems like it’s going down an interesting path.

Rating: B-


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