Steven Universe: Season 1 review


You know that feeling when you discover something new and beautiful, and you’re in that perfect period, between the beginning and when you finish. It’s that wonderful time when you fall in love with a show, and for a while, you’re just having a blast going through whole swathes of episodes to catch up with the rest of the world.

Well, this is the experience I’ve been having with Steven Universe, the best new show I’ve seen so far this year. Now I’ve only seen one season, but that’s like 50 episodes, and I eagerly anticipate the next season and the future of the show. We may be in the golden age of TV, but that’s in no small part to the sheer amount of excellent animated shows out there. We’ve been spoilt, and Steven Universe is the particular cherry on this particular cake.

Think of the generations of kids who get to grow up with Steven Universe, Adventure Time, Legend of Korra, even Star Wars, they are growing up with some of the most exciting TV and Film out there and it’s wonderful to see.

What makes Steven Universe so good is that it doesn’t pander to kids, whilst staying friendly to them, is funny, without resorting to swearing or vulgarity and is dramatic whilst staying true to itself. It has a deft, complex story that weaves the lives of its characters through layers of this wonderful and magical world.

It spends its time carefully building up story, backstory and character over the course of multiple episodes, enriching the shows world in ways you couldn’t foresee. Within the first 3 episodes, I was in, ready to fully embrace it all, and it just kept GETTING BETTER.

I’ve laughed more than most comedies, “Stevens Pregnant”, “Hold the Phone, Now give the phone to me” and became emotionally comprised more than I can remember.

The characters are all excellent, from the earnest Steven to the little weirdo Onion, they all have superb development and fantastic voice actors who all completely elevate the show. It’s such a diverse and empowering programme, with the best female characters and so many excellent side characters who flesh out the world.

The story of the crystal gems is engaging and thrilling and is often not what it seems, meaning you’re never going to get bored.

At many times, the show reminds me of the humor of The Simpsons, the magic of Studio Ghibli, the small seaside town of ‘Cloudy with a chance of meatballs’ and the ‘evolving’ of Digimon, yet is completely its own show. In the end, I’ve fallen in love with Steven Universe in a way that only the best ever could.

It’s wonderful and I can’t wait to watch more.

Rating: A



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